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The Lodge of The Three graces is one of the oldest Lodges in the Province of The West Riding of Yorkshire, it's history tracing back to 15th September 1792

Our Lodge meets on the Monday on or before the full moon. There are up to 13 meetings each year.


Traditional values for the modern man.

Our aim is to make good men better by reminding them of their duty to society, being law-abiding and conscious of the needs of those less fortunate.


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A Warm Welcome

Welcome to the homepage of Lodge 408, The Lodge of Three Graces Haworth

If you are interested in learning more about Freemasonry in Haworth

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We are what is known as a "Moon" Lodge.

We meet on the Monday on or before each full moon, so on many years we meet 13 times each year


There's an link to details about lunar calendars here
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A quick visit to the West Yorkshire Provincial Grand lodge website can offer further information on other Lodges meeting in the West Yorkshire area

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If you are interested in becoming a Freemason please click here to contact our Lodge Secretary for more information
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The Lodge Of Three Graces No. 408, Haworth
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