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Freemasons Past and Present

Throughout history there have been many notable Freemasons involved in a broad variety of activities.

Here are just some of those 'Famous Freemasons'

World-famous, active Masons have included: Will Rogers; Simon Bolivar; James Boswell; Giuseppe Garibaldi; Johann Wolfgang von Goethe; Rudyard Kipling; Franz Joseph Haydn; Louis Dossuth; Giuseppe Mazzini; Wolfgang Mozart; Jose Rizal; Cecil J. Rhodes; Jean Sibelius; Voltaire and many, many others.

Astronauts have included: Edwin E. Aldrin Jr.; Leroy Gordon Cooper; Donn F. Eisele; Virgil I. Grissom; Edgar D. Mitchell; Walter M. Schirra Jr.; Thomas P. Stafford; Paul J. Weitz and James B. Irwin.

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