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The Social Mason

Freemasonry has an active and diverse social calendar. At The Lodge of Three Graces we put extra effort into making sure our social calendar is inclusive and offers a wide and fulfilling variety of ways we can become better friends and most importantly have fun!

Have a look through our galleries of past events and see what we get up to in our social time.

Ladies Night 2019


One of the highlights of the Masonic calendar is our Ladies' night, a great evening of fun and entertainment hosted by the Worshipful Master and his Wife or Partner

Certificate Presentation


Certificates for passing to the rank of Master Mason were handed out at a formal ceremony in Bradford.

Pictured is Brother Phil Dooley

Visit by

Lodge Anima 1223

A great visit and demonstration by a Scottish lodge with whom we have excellent brotherly ties.

A wonderful and educational day

Glasgow Visit 2019

One of the most enjoyable aspects for many Freemasons is experiencing a lodge in anothe county or country.

Members of The Lodge of three Graces took a short pace over the border to Scotland for a most enjoyable evening with our Brothers at Lodge Anima 1223.

You can find out more about this Scottish lodge through our links page.

Gin tasting Night 2019

A great social event for the friends, visitors and Brethren of the Lodge of The Three Graces. A fantastic night of gin tasting, Quizzes, raffles and traditional games all rounded off with a curry buffet!

We all learned a bit about Gin and got to try lots of different kinds with some of Englands best tonics!

Beetle Drive Night 2020

A great start to the new year for the new Worshippful Master as he hosted a Beetle drive. A great night of fun and freshly prepared food by one of the Brethren and raffles, play your cards right and a fantastic £300 raised for charity!